Plants don’t only make your garden appear pleasant. Rather, there are certain plants that you can place indoors, and they will absolutely change the looks of your house altogether. They don’t only add some vibrance to it but also make the home appear charming.

However, the concept of having indoor plants is still not very popular amongst people. They find the idea of the upkeep of an indoor plant quite intricate. This is why even when it’s about the easiest plants ever, ie, the vine plants, people are mostly skeptical about growing them indoors. However, if you are thinking of taking the plunge and growing some indoor vine plants, this article will let you know about everything associated with it.

Choosing Vine Plants As Indoor Plants

There is no denying the fact that vine plants are the first choice of most people who decide to have some greenery inside their houses. These plants don’t only grow voraciously but also require minimum upkeep. Alongside this, propagating them is really easy. There is no need to take extra care of them while going out of the way. Rather, the usual activities of pruning and monitoring will help them grow well and add some liveliness to your boring indoors.

Types Of Vines To Have In Your House

Vine plants are of numerous types. They can easily elevate up from the shelves and move all the way to the side tables. Or, the most common place to have the vine plants is above your favorite sunny window. You can literally have them decorate your house anywhere! While choosing a vine plant, if you are looking for one that would require minimum effort from yourself, you would be glad to know that almost all indoor plants require liquid fertilizers only once a month. Alongside this, these vines don’t even need a lot of sunlight to grow. Rather, a few hours of light sunlight is enough for their growth.

Some easy choices to make as a first-time grower of vine plants are as follows:

1. Philodendron

Everything You Need to Know About The Indoor Vine Plants

The most loved vine plant among all is undoubtedly Philodendron. One major reason why it is the first choice for plant lovers is the huge variety of species that it comes with. You won’t believe it, but it has around two hundred different species associated with it. While some of them are climbing ones, others are non-climbers.

These flowering vine plants can easily grow on hanging pots. You can choose the pots of your choice, and Philodendron will grow inside them while finding its way towards the elevation easily. The aerial roots can easily attach themselves along the stems with the first support they find. It makes it easier for them to grow exponentially. Appearance-wise, these vine plants are pretty! They will elevate the appearance of your house while requiring minimum effort from your side.

Philodendrons require indirect sunlight. Hence, they are a great choice for space inside your home. Apart from this, you don’t have to water them daily. Feeding and watering them once a week will let them grow without bounds!

2. Pathos

Everything You Need to Know About The Indoor Vine Plants

If you are looking for a plant that would grow ahead and cover most of your living space, Pathos is what you need to grow. Their leaves appear in the shape of a heart, making them look lovely! These green vine plants further have white and yellow colors associated with them.

Growing these plants in hanging baskets is a great idea. They would need minimum support to help them adhere to a structure and elevate it. As a matter of fact, growing Pathos is quite an easy task as it will elevate even when the light exposure is minimal. It just needs some brightness around it, and it would speed up!

However, you would have to make sure to water the plant on time! If you don’t do that, it may end up wilting. Hence, to avoid that, make a routine of watering these flowering vine plants on time, and they would show great expanding qualities.

Taking Care of The Indoor Vines

If you are new to indoor plants and have no idea how to take care of them, follow the following tips, and things will go well!

1. Clip Them Well

Clipping it back is a much-needed action for a plant that tends to grow fast. You need to do the same with your vine plants growing indoors. This will ensure that their rigorous outgrowth is restrained, and they don’t affect your furniture negatively.

However, while doing so, make sure not to hurt them! Use light clippers and attach them in a soft manner. If you hurt the stem, it may not grow further at all. To prune the plant effectively, make sure to choose the right time. Before the spring season starts, you need to ensure its pruning, so its rapid growth doesn’t overwhelm you.

2. Use Proper Handing Pots

Hanging pots don’t only make your house appear pretty but also help the vines grow up properly. The opportunities to hang them in your house are unlimited. You can place them along your bookcases, let the pots hang around the windows, or even let them trail down the wall. Whatever place you choose, make sure to monitor your plants’ water needs properly.

In case you place the pots at a spot that’s practically unapproachable, you won’t be able to feed your plants or even water them. Hence, be a bit practical while doing so!

3. Feed Your Plants on Time

Another thing that you need to consider while taking care of your vine plants is feeding them on time. If you simply hang the vine plants on the pot and forget about them, they will eventually die. Hence, you need to feed them with some fertilizer at least once in three months.

While feeding fertilizers to your plants, make sure to get your hands on the right ones. For that, you must follow all the instructions provided by the fertilizer manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to add some natural beauty to your house is by adorning it with indoor vine plants. These plants don’t only require minimal upkeep but also grow quite fast! Hence, while planning your next indoor home decor project, make sure to place a few flowering vine plants and pots around it!