Well, it is not easy to grow and maintain the health of indoor plants. Most types of plants need proper care and attention to grow healthily and for that, we have to track all the necessary needs to keep our plants growing healthily.

Moreover, people who love to grow indoor plants are well-aware of how much care and maintenance indoor plants need because some indoor plants are impossible to keep alive. They need proper watering, proper fertilization and timely sunlight to grow healthily. Due to these reasons, you should have a device, by device I doesn’t mean a swiss replica rolex watch but one that will notify you on time about the watering and fertilization of the plant.

For this purpose, most plant lovers and gardeners prefer to wear a smartwatch on their wrists. The smartwatch helps them to keep track of all the needs that a high-maintenance indoor plant requires. It also helps to timely add water and fertilizer to your plants.

If you are new to gardening and enjoy growing indoor houseplants, you should probably have a smartwatch so you can add water and fertilizer to your plants on time.

For you, we have gathered a list of the 5 best smartwatches that will help you maintain your houseplants.

1. Apple Watch Series 7

How you can Maintain your Indoor Plants with the Help of a Smartwatch?

Apple was able to create a variety of smartwatch series. With the Apple Watch Series 7, you can track down all the important things that a healthy plant needs. You can set reminders to add water to your indoor plants and fertilize them on time by adding the alert notification option. Your watch will vibrate and reminds you with an alert message that you have to do this right now.

The Apple Watch Series 7 continues to hold the title of the finest smartwatch on the market thanks to its larger widescreen, increased durability, and quicker charging. It also provides you multiple sports features on which you can track your sports activities.

2. Polar Grit X

How you can Maintain your Indoor Plants with the Help of a Smartwatch?

The Polar Grit X is a top-of-the-line multisport GPS watch with a durable but stylish design. It has a long-lasting battery life that can last up to 4 days. Furthermore, this smartwatch has a tonne of practical functions tailored specifically for outdoor usage.

The watch has five physical buttons in addition to a 1.2-inch colour touch screen with a 240 by 240-pixel resolution. Physical buttons and the touch screen work together to make navigating the UI straightforward.

Well, you can also monitor the watering and fertilization of your indoor plants. you can download the PLANTA app on this smartwatch, which will provide you with personalized schedules, reminders, step-by-step instructions, plant identification, a light metre, and more for your plants.

3. Coros Apex

How you can Maintain your Indoor Plants with the Help of a Smartwatch?

Coros Apex is one of the best smartwatches, with long battery life and a data-rich companion app. This multisport GPS watch provides a lot of information on your performance in a variety of sports, including swimming, bicycling, and running.

The 1.2-inch LCD on the 46mm variant has a titanium alloy bezel and is available in white, black, grey, or midnight black. Each model has a sapphire glass lens, a circular dial, and a strong, comfy silicone band. The 42mm model is available in three colours: black and grey, gold and purple, or silver and white. It has a metal bezel, a 1.1-inch colour LCD, and these features.

If you have houseplants and you want to monitor them, then you should use this watch because you can run the Vera app, which allows you to set up fertilization follow-ups and watering reminders for each plant. You may establish profiles for each of your leafy friends with their names, adoption dates, and images in one location where you can browse your entire plant collection. Observe your indoor rainforest flourish.

4. Garmin Lily

How you can Maintain your Indoor Plants with the Help of a Smartwatch?

The Lily is the smallest smartwatch produced by Garmin to date and the company’s first model made especially for females. It has a lovely patterned face and a considerably smaller 14mm band than other smartwatch straps, allowing you to wear it with other jewellery.

The Lily is not only attractive, but it can also monitor your blood oxygen saturation, calories burnt, level of energy, heart rate and many different exercises. Additionally, it offers functions that are more typical of a smartwatch, including widgets, music controls, and phone notifications.

You can also run apps like Vera and PLANTA to track the watering and fertilization period of your indoor plants.

5. Polar Ignite 2

How you can Maintain your Indoor Plants with the Help of a Smartwatch?

If not necessarily for their elegance, Polar’s goods are renowned for their accuracy. Polar is trying to win over exercise enthusiasts who also care about looks with the most recent version of its Ignite fitness tracker.

The Ignite 2 has new colour options and beautiful carvings on its metal bezel. Along with better battery life, a low-power mode for extended workouts, a weekly summary dashboard, and a few additional smartwatch capabilities like music controls and weather predictions.

With the help of its weather prediction feature, you can adjust your houseplants accordingly. You can also use the Flourish app on this smartwatch.

For people who are new to gardening and need assistance choosing new plants for their home or caring for the ones they already possess, this app will help you by notifying you with an alert vibration on your smartwatch screen. For those who wish to quit destroying your plants but are unsure of how to achieve it. This app is ideal for them.


Well, you can select one of the smartwatches from the list to maintain the health of your indoor plants, but you have to download the app which I have mentioned above. In this way, you will get all the notifications regarding watering, adding fertilizers, and many more by simply downloading the apps and running them on your smartwatches.

I hope this guide will help you to find the best smartwatch that can help you to maintain your indoor houseplants. If you have any queries regarding this, you can ask in the comments section.